Wonderful group on La Barceloneta entertaining the 4th Global Hamstring Project, representing USA, Spain, Colombia, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, France, Monaco, Germany, Qatar, Finland, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, England and Jamaica. See you in Barcelona next year for the 5th Global Hamstring Project!



The 5th international Global Hamstring Project (GHP) will take place in Barcelona in the month of November, 2018. The aim of this annual forum is to share knowledge about hamstring injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement focusing on hamstring muscle involvement. This event brings together experts from different fields with the mission to bridge the gap between researchers and clinicians on one hand, and coaches, practitioners and conditioners and at the end athletes, on the other hand. The small size venue, with a limited number of attendees participating, allows for and masters social interaction and networking throughout this gathering. Across past three meetings people from more than 25 different countries have attended. Following the very first GHP meeting in Stockholm in year 2014 we choose Barcelona as the official site for future venues. Thus, the nHANCE™ driven by YoYo™ Technology and YoYo™ Sports & Medical will jointly host the 5th GHP downtown Barcelona in November 2018. Speakers are world leading experts, working near the very best profesional clubs and athletes. This year’s 2 day program also includes a work shop which offers hands-on activities. The session is aimed at bringing knowledge and understanding how improved specific hamstring exercises can benefit injury prevention and rehabilitation while enhancing agility, speed and power and hence athletic performance. Follow updates here and by subscribing to nHANCE™ – Leader in Eccentric Exercise Training – monthly Newsletter “World News” at info@nhance.se.

Announcing the 5th Annual Global Hamstring Project in Barcelona, 16 and 17 November 2018

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